Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stay Awake

Inventing the 'Chance' is better than finding it .  Its also a free advice(bitter medicine) which can be given by anyone who does not deserve the degree in the field of medicine(including me :P) . Lets go through this topic , is there anyone who does not want to be successful ? or drowned in failure and thinks about the taste of success ?

So, Success is the aim of everyone , but few only deserves that . Who are they ? How they did that ?  We may come across many success stories , which makes us to fly in the sky and our time table get sudden changes for that moment . But we just forgetting "Organizing and Executing Around Priorities"  as always . Keeping goal does not make any sense but following it and living through it does.
Lets we take look at these questions,

  • Isn't it matter to assign the priorities for our works ? 
  • Sacrificing is the meaning of hard work ?
  • What are those IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) & SQ(Spiritual Quotient) and how it change our success rate?
  • Is Success depends on our Environment ?
 Just think about these questions , answers are within us , search through it . I wants to remain these famous quotes , "When you start to love your work, you don't need to work for a day","Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish" . These makes lot of sense .

 Remind those quotes, we are going to start our journey with these.  These are some books i loved to read and hope you too .

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