Friday, 21 March 2014

Apple's Smart Watch

When seeing things differently everything seems to be new, new things always seems to be interesting , interesting things always makes to do everything with great mind.
Every time when new products going to launch , all eyes filled with the expectation of how this could be different  from others ?
what is the technology behind that ?.  Whether we going to buy that product or not that expectation never dies.
When Google announced the news of smart human wearable things , it introduced the smart Glass and smart watches, everyone mesmerized with the imagination of wearing those glass.

When news spread that Apple also involving in the process of releasing smart wearable things , expectation of touching the invisible technology increased to techie lovers.

 Apple's iWatch comes with features of
 1. Multi-touch screen
 2. Front and rear facing cameras
 3. Battery life with 24 hours of music playback
 4. LCD projector
 5. WiFi, Bluetooth and integrated RSS reader
 6. Connectivity with iPhone and iPad
 7. 16GB of storage
Is that watch or what ? I can hear you , say it slowly ;)

When you thinking is that possible , they made it and its ready to launch. And you are going to wear that as palm faced, You may think, is not't girls only wearing watches like that, is that not a macho thing to do that. And this iWatch comes with voice recognition so forget you are going to be alone at anytime.

After the evolution of mobile phones, who wearing watches just to know time. Watches always being pride for those who wearing it by the brand and design of
the watch. And this time you are not going to wear this iWatch only to show the pride of yourself but to make yourself go with techies.

Hope everyone loves to grow with technologies and live in imaginable world , then its time for that.

Price of the Apple's iWatch in India is Rs.29000/-. Go for it , live with it.

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