Saturday, 5 April 2014

NOTA - Common Man's Thought

None Of The Above

Voting is a right of every citizen, they say. "But who cares, I have lots of other important work to do. Moreover I dont know anything about those people, whom the media is calling as politicians", "All are corrupt, why should I vote for them" are the common thoughts of today's generation. Guess what....I used to be one of them.

Government has been constantly trying to invite young citizens, through campaigns and media programmes, to cast their vote and to take part in shaping of government. One of such step is NOTA (None Of The Above).

(What is NOTA? Sounds like some video game.)
NOTA, also known as "against all" or a "scratch" vote. It is an option where we can cast our vote without voting to any of the candidate ( wait....what???? ). Meaning we are disapproving all the candidates.

(Hmmm....sounds interesting....but what good will it do???)

As said earlier it is to encourage every citizen to cast their vote, even if they dont like or dont know the candidates.

Common Misconception

One of my friend explained that if NOTA gets more vote than any of the candidates, then there will be president rule. I didn't know what that means but I decided to get more information. I found that NOTA doesnt give us the Right to Reject (RTR). According to former chief election commissioner S Y Quraishi, the Supreme Court in its order has just given "the right to register a negative opinion."Say for example, there are 100 votes in total and NOTA got 99 and Candidate A got 1 vote. The winner be Candidate A. The rest of the votes will be considered invalid.

(Umm......ok I get it....but still .....)

There may be other positive outcomes also by implementing NOTA. It will put preasure on political parties to nominate only good candidates. And for the people, atleast they will know how many candidates are contesting in their locality and eventually they will start exploring them. Good for future elections ...don't you think so?

(hmmm.... seems legit )

So, whatever reason you have
you don't like the candidates,
you don't now them or
you think it wont make any difference....

( i am lazy not that reason )

for the sake of our country, VOTE.... its your Right.....right?

                                                                                                         -Praveen Kumar

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